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HD-DVD is dead. Long Live Blu-Ray!!!

And who the f*ck really cares anyway? I am man enough to admit I was dead wrong about this. I was sure HD-DVD was going to stand victorious in the end. It was cheaper, the same quality (picture not content) as blu-ray, and the porn industry was all over it. It was VHS part deux, right? Wrong. Porn did certainly drive VHS adoption, but the alternative in 1975 was a seedy movie theater with sticky floors. VHS *saved* porn and brought it safe and sound into the home of Joe Sixpack. In 2008, HD-DVD was a possible porn outlet, but the industry is certainly in no need of a savior. Thanks to the internet, it's a multi-billion dollar industry with plenty of outlets into the consumer's home. Pay-per-view, network cable (they fuzz out the naughty bits), websites, magazines, cell phones, and let's not forget good old fashioned standard def DVD's! This was the first flaw in my analysis. The second has to do with customer apathy. Retails and industry experts have concluded


I have the flu. I haven't been sick for three years, but this bug took me OUT. Stay tuned for more Underground Media..... After I get some sleep and hot tea...

You gotta see this!

Anyone familiar with this blog should be well aware of my disdain for all things Apple. Thus, imagine my glee when I happened upon this video for a Super Blender! Why do I love this blender? Because it can blend an iPhone! Observe: Holy sh*t! That thing turns into a *tornado* of liquid crystal and metal. Ah..... Very satisfying.

Artists you're not listening to: J Dilla

Recently someone asked me which sites I frequented for music downloads. Legal ones, that is. Heh. I really didn't have to consider the question for long. Over the last two years, I have settled into a fairly predictable music routine that costs me about $15/month. I stream tunes while I'm hanging at the house doing things like blogging or laundry. It's a "smart" music recommendation system that learns what I like and what I don't like. This includes distinguishing an artist I don't like from a track I don't like. And if I like what I hear, I bounce over to and download it. As I've blogged in the past, and Emusic were my first steps into a much larger musical world. And while much of what I listen to is new to me, I rarely download a new release. In fact, most of the time, the stuff I listen to was released a decade ago. Sometimes this is awesome as I have ten years worth of albums by the artist to sift throug