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Why can't Apple share the toys with ALL the kids?

Apple doesn't like to share. From the article: "The latest iTunes update, version 8.2.1, may offer up a few bug fixes, but its real purpose is to prevent the Palm Pre from syncing with iTunes. The move isn't a surprise . Last month, Apple warned that future versions of iTunes probably wouldn't support syncing with non-Apple media players." Not supporting is one thing, but updating your software to BREAK that functionality is plain-old mean-spirited. But there are some workarounds. Again, from the article: "So what's a Palm Pre user to do? The easiest option is to avoid upgrading to iTunes version 8.2.1, since the sync feature should still work with older versions of iTunes. Another option is to trying a third-party app like Salling Media Sync , a utility that synchronizes iTunes playlists, music, and podcasts with your mobile device, and it's free for basic use."