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Looking for boobs?

No, Wxman. There's no porn to be had on this post. But, read on, 'cause this is a weird mashup. First, a word from our sponsors. I am not, nor have I ever been an advocate of breast enhancement through plastic surgery. I must say the same for breast reduction. As a learned scholar with advanced degrees in breastology, I'm an avid supporter of appreciating "what the good Lord gave you." Big or small. Firm or saggy. Get a well-fitting bra (see Oprah's bra show ) and call it a day. Women make the mistake of thinking that all men want is the super-model boobs. WRONG! The reason I LOVE boobs is that no two are the same. Quit trying to fit someone's idea of beauty and be happy with what you've got. My wife has got a rack that her girlfriends tell her they would pay thousands for, but she's still neurotic about it. Go figure... Back to our regularly scheduled program. So, some guys are at a bachelor party in Vegas. Stripper tells the guys

Arrrrr!!! The Pirate Bay is at it again...

Those crazy Swedes are trying to get themselves locked up at Guantanamo! Although it's the Entertainment establishment that wants their heads, and I'm not sure where Hollywood locks people up. Skywalker Ranch? Dr. Phil's house? Anyway, the history of The Pirate Bay is really fascinating. To understand them, you've got to place them within their historical context. In the world of movies and music, there are pirates and there are pirates. Type-A pirates are those who copy a movie or a CD, and then sell the copy for a profit. This type of operation is a VAST industry, with huge markets in southeast Asia and Latin America. I'm not sure about the figures, but I'm sure the profits are in the hundreds of millions annually. Type-B pirates distribute (share) such content freely to anyone with a high-speed internet connection. No money is made from such distribution, unless you count ad revenue from clicks into the hosting website, although this probably only c

News commentary round-up!

I'm baaaaaaack!!! After a week of vacation, and another week of traveling with the company, I'm back in the schizophrenic Wisconsin weather. Grrrrr. Anyway, some hot topics being talk about out there. First up, somebody gave my favorite wannabe "TV over the internet" startup an assload of money. Yes, Joost is the newest recipient of $45 Million in tasty green venture capital cash. Did I mention that they suck ? Wish somebody would give ME cash like that to overpromise and underdeliver... A moment of silence for the venerable audio-tape. I remember when a high school buddy lent me his tape of Public Enemy 's It Take A Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back (classic rap, by the way). I copied it with a Philip's high-speed dual-cassette "dubbing" tape-deck and listened to nothing else but Chuck D and Flava Flav for a MONTH! Now you copy some music on your PC and run the risk of the RIAA slapping a lawsuit on you... Read on over at P2Pnet . And fin