Looking for boobs?

No, Wxman. There's no porn to be had on this post. But, read on, 'cause this is a weird mashup. First, a word from our sponsors.

I am not, nor have I ever been an advocate of breast enhancement through plastic surgery. I must say the same for breast reduction. As a learned scholar with advanced degrees in breastology, I'm an avid supporter of appreciating "what the good Lord gave you." Big or small. Firm or saggy. Get a well-fitting bra (see Oprah's bra show) and call it a day. Women make the mistake of thinking that all men want is the super-model boobs. WRONG! The reason I LOVE boobs is that no two are the same. Quit trying to fit someone's idea of beauty and be happy with what you've got. My wife has got a rack that her girlfriends tell her they would pay thousands for, but she's still neurotic about it. Go figure...

Back to our regularly scheduled program. So, some guys are at a bachelor party in Vegas. Stripper tells the guys that she's upset because she can't afford a boob-job. One guy says, "I got five on it!" Another guy says, "Put me down for $20!" By the time the night was over, she had collected over half of what she needed for the boob-job. The guys were inspired to start a website. Ever heard of Prosper.com? Well, this is the same idea, except with boobs. Social networking to the nth degree. Web 2.0 redefined... Myfreeimplants.com. Again, I don't agree with the premise, but I am fascinated by the market forces...


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