News commentary round-up!

I'm baaaaaaack!!! After a week of vacation, and another week of traveling with the company, I'm back in the schizophrenic Wisconsin weather. Grrrrr.

Anyway, some hot topics being talk about out there.

First up, somebody gave my favorite wannabe "TV over the internet" startup an assload of money. Yes, Joost is the newest recipient of $45 Million in tasty green venture capital cash. Did I mention that they suck? Wish somebody would give ME cash like that to overpromise and underdeliver...

A moment of silence for the venerable audio-tape.

I remember when a high school buddy lent me his tape of Public Enemy's It Take A Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back (classic rap, by the way). I copied it with a Philip's high-speed dual-cassette "dubbing" tape-deck and listened to nothing else but Chuck D and Flava Flav for a MONTH! Now you copy some music on your PC and run the risk of the RIAA slapping a lawsuit on you... Read on over at P2Pnet.

And finally, it looks like my favorite internet music site will soon be playing videos! Is anyone out there using It's nothing really flashy or glitzy and the real magic doesn't happen until you let it listen to your music tastes for a while. Then let it start recommending stuff to you. That's when you'll start to see the beauty. And when you hear something you think is REALLY cool, head over to and buy it! Or just subscribe. You get a bunch of downloads per month, and there's NO DRM!!! But there's also a dearth of popular music. It's strictly an indie site, but that's where the cutting edge is at in terms of music right now. And to round out this tangent, plug-in Rocco Deluca to's search engine and listen to what you get. They are a slick new indie group that Kiefer Sutherland is promoting. I got a chance to hear them recently. Tell me what you think...


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