WTF is Twitter?!

I know I'm supposed to be on hiatus while I'm out of town, but I had to talk about something that's been bugging the sh*t out of me. Twitter is f*cking everywhere!!! And it happens to be the single most ridiculous thing I've ever heard of. Who gave this guy money??? Because I actually have a GOOD business idea and I'd LOVE for the VC's who blew a few mil on Twitter to throw some my way. That way they could actually earn a RETURN on their investment!!!

So, Twitter is this micro-blogging service that let's you post these SMS updates about your life. The late teens and 20-somethings (Millenials, so they are apparently called) are crazy for it. You get this avatar, and next to it are the updates that you sent in via SMS from your cell phone. Like this:

Akshunj: 11:03am - "Watching Larry King in Chinese."
Akshunj: 11:46am - "Thinking about steamed buns with pork for lunch."
Akshunj: 1:28pm - "Steamed buns were good, but I'm getting bored of them."

Yes, THAT'S Twitter. Give me a f*cking break!!! This chick's rant over at CNET sums up my opinion. An exerpt:

"Food seems to be a big theme on Twitter. Glancing at random twitters recently, I found one user who was "drinking beer and 'cooking' fish fingers.'" Another felt compelled to disclose "MUST BATHE." Another was "getting bored." Others took the time to write how late in the day it is and how much work/fill-in-the-blank they have left to do. Well, maybe if they didn't spend so much time, um, twittering, they wouldn't be rushed. But these are strangers and it's obvious why I wouldn't care what they had for lunch. What about my own friends? Actually, I don't care what they just ate, either."

I *GET* blogging. Obviously, since I blog. In my opinion, it has changed the face of conventional journalism and reporting forever. But, MICRO-blogging in 140 characters or less from your cell phone to tell everyone your up-to-the-minute state of mind?! Are you sh*tting me?! And someone GAVE THAT GUY MONEY! F*****************************CK!!! That's what pisses me off!!!

End of rant.


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