So, the gPhone is really an ANDROID

I think it's a smart strategy. Instead of releasing a single, branded gPhone, the plan seems to be to get mobile carriers to release phones that run Google's Android platform. That's seriously clever. You end up with hundreds of gPhones, and an open platform for developers to create neat applications. Apparently Sprint/Nextel and T-Mobile have already signed up. AT&T has been iPhoned, so count them out. That leaves Verizon. I have a love-hate relationship with the "Can you hear me now?" company. On the one hand, they have phenomenal customer service, they usually have the latest and greatest phones, and I can actually understand my bill. But on the flipside, they are ridiculously expensive and their phones are all locked down with the same proprietary "Brew" software. I doubt Verizon will sign on to the Open Handset Alliance, but if they do, the ENTIRE game will change.


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