And that's all she wrote

Ladies and Gentlemen, this concludes my experimentation with online data storage. My experience has totally and completely sucked. After spending the better part of two days uploading my music, I find out that JungleDisk doesn't actually do "streaming." When I try to play a song that I have stored remotely, JungleDisk actually connects to the Amazon S3 and *downloads* the complete song and caches it on my local harddrive. Then it plays. My local harddrive's cache size is about 5GB. My entire music collection was maybe 9GB.

Let me paint this picture. I uploaded my music collection to JungleDisk/Amazon so I could stream it from anywhere and reclaim some local disk space on my aging laptop. But when I connect to play music, it downloads the entire music collection again! That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard! I wanted to *stream* my music on-demand. If I wanted to copy something, then I would copy it. The point is NOT to use my local harddrive space. In any case, the experiment is over...


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