Online streaming music continues to grow!

I am well aware of the fact that Satellite Radio is the current media darling. In fact, after six weeks of traveling across the country for my new gig, I have fallen passionately in love with Sirius Radio Channel 43 - BackSpin. All oldschool hip-hop, all the time. Driving out of Atlanta airport in my rental car a couple of weeks ago, I tuned in randomly to BackSpin only to hear the almighty Kurtis Blow introduce the next track: Public Enemy - Night of the Living Baseheads. He had me at hello. Now I can't live without it. Great DJ's, no commecials, and no edits!!! Seriously, life doesn't get any better.

Or does it? After being suitably impressed by my alternative music options in the car, what's a guy to do when he's sitting on the tarmac for an hour on a delayed flight to Baltimore? Streaming internet radio on my trusty Palm Centro, that's what! I didn't even know the Centro *did* internet radio! As a consummate underground hip-hop fan, I was more than gratified to see listed under the station list. But there was also a newcomer: Live365's Hip-hop Lounge. Between these two stations, I have been in music bliss during my airport downtime. The DJ's at these stations clearly have a true passion for their chosen genre. They transition effortlessly from Diggable Planets to Gangstarr, Jurrasic 5 to Pete Rock, Murs to Common. Please, please, please give them a listen. Support something, ANYTHING other than big radio. I assure you, great music is still out there!

Now if you'll excuse me, I need to return to this Goodie Mob track...


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