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Caution: There's some geek-speak ahead.  Skip ahead if you're a noob.  I'm too tired to translate right now...


Man, sometimes I wonder how Windows users tolerate the lack of good media players for their operating system.  I mean, seriously, you've got Windows Media Player which is a complete pile.  Then you've got Winamp, which only marginally sucks.  After that you're on to iTunes, which is only useful if you pledge allegiance to the Cult of Jobs.  Your only truly good media player is VLC, but that's only good for videos.  I have yet to find a really robust audio/music solution for Windows.  Thankfully, Linux has some really good choices.  Banshee and Exaile are absolutely top-notch for Gnome users and they are both installed on my laptop.  Depends on my mood as to which one I'll use.  But for my KDE desktop, AmaroK has clearly distinguished itself as the best of breed.  It's polished, intuitive, fast, and executes it's feature-set WELL! support, internet radio plugins, you name it.  Which brings me to the point of this post...


End of geek-speak...

Internet radio has got something for everyone.  Sometimes, I want to discover new stuff, so I listen to  Other times, I want a reliable mix of underground and I end up on  But today I got the itch for some quality old-school.  It was probably because I just watched that VH1 "100 Greatest Hip-Hop Songs of All Time."  VH1's hip-hop retrospectives are so tight, they sometimes brings a tear to my eye.  Anyways, I had this old-school itch, so I did some channel-surfing with AmaroK, and ended up at - old school.  Hmm, let's try that again:

1Club.FM - Old School

There's the occasional commercial, but the stream is high-quality, and zero interruptions over the nine or so hours I've been listening.  Give it a try.  Let me know what you think!


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