Pirated streaming video discoveries!!!

Many out there think that Youtube is the pinnacle of streaming video content. Without a doubt it is the most popular, but Youtube along with it's Google parent are rapidly being left in the dust with regard to content. Youtube suffers from it's own popularity in many ways. They're under pressure for keeping out copyrighted content, their maximum ratings are PG-13, and they really haven't updated their UI in a while as their resources have been focused on taking down those pesky NBC clips.

While Google/Youtube takes the heat, other streaming video sites have risen and developed under the radar. My current favorite, Dailymotion, is based in France and they honestly seem like they could give a sh*t about American copyrights. Nor do they seem to care about content ratings (excluding hardcore stuff). Even better is that guys like Youtvpc are using Dailymotion as a content server, and putting up a website to pipeline that content to viewers on-demand. TV shows, bootleg movies, you name it! Not quite Tivo since you can only watch what they've got. But it's dang close. Check out the article over at NewTeeVee. Tell me what you think of the sites, especially Dailymotion. LOTS of stuff going on over there...


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