A revolution! Internet streaming TV and movies

We're getting closer and closer. Bandwidth and servers are still major bottlenecks. Unless you're Google, you don't have server farms able to handle the traffic, and residential ISP's still don't offer much above 3MB/sec. But, content providers are banking that this will change, and a few of them are staying ahead of the curve.

First up is Netflix. I was DEFINITELY an early adopter with this company. I remember walking into Blockbuster a few years ago trying to find some movie or another, and realizing that my efforts were futile. Blockbuster's focus was new releases, most of which it couldn't keep in stock. Any other movies were purely hit and miss. But then I discovered Netflix, and I was introduced to the Long Tail of the Market. Obscure movies or TV shows, Netflix had 'em. New releases, Netflix had 'em (albeit with some waiting involved). Indie movies, you guessed it! And over the years, Netflix has grown monstrously, cutting deeply into Blockbuster's marketshare. And now, in an effort to innovate, the rumors are swirling that Netflix will be renting STREAMING movies and TV shows!!! They're slowly loading the talent roster, but I think we'll see some offerings soon...

Finally, there's Joost. I'm one of their official beta-testers, although since they only support Windows, they have gotten nothing but my scorn. They promise a linux client, but....... we'll see. In the meantime, they're signing up channels left and right. It will be interesting to see what happens over the next year. Mark my words, somehow Google (and it's Youtube progeny) will be part of the Internet TV revolution.


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