A little about me...

So, for any new readers that I gain via G+ or wherever, here's a quick FAQ about me.

1. Where are you located and what do you do for a living? - I'm Atlanta-based and I work in the consumer electronics industry (go figure).  I know that anyone who is anyone who blogs about tech needs to live in San Fran or NY, but I figure now is a great time to start bucking that trend.  Atlanta is a huge and growing city, all the major tech players have a presence here, tech startups are everywhere, we have 4G LTE coverage from all the carriers, the food is good and the cost of living is cheap.  You do the math.

2. Why are you blogging about "underground" tech? - Because there's a gap in the tech media right now.  Every other blog is talking about Apple this, or Samsung that.  They are reviewing the latest iteration of five-inch black slab of plastic after five-inch black slab of plastic.  But very FEW blogs are talking about cord-cutting and how the various programs, protocols and services have converged to service a relatively seamless TV-watching experience.  No one is talking about the everyday costs vs benefits for using something like bittorrent, for example.  The VPN market is EXPLODING right now, but again, you wouldn't know it if you just read articles from the good people over at The Verge or Tech Crunch.

3. Who should read this blog? - Anyone interested in cord-cutting , privacy, security, etc.  I never want to be overly techie just for the sake of sounding that way, but I think tech enthusiasts will get the most out of what I write.

4. So, what does your setup at home look like? - I have two old desktops that have been re-purposed into headless servers that sit in my office closet.  Both run Ubuntu Linux.  One runs Plex, Sickbeard, CouchPotato and SABnzbd (I will elaborate on these in a future post, but you can click the links for more info).  I use the second server to run MakeMKV and Handbrake as necessary (again, click the links for more info right now).  I subscribe to cable internet only, both my TV's are hooked up to Roku boxes (one TV also has a GBox MX2), and I actively subscribe to Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hulu Plus.  I have a laptop running Linux Mint, a rooted Nexus 10 tablet, a rooted HTC One, and a stock Galaxy Note 2.

5. As a cord-cutter, which shows do you watch? - Nightly News and Morning Joe via podcast, CNN International live stream, any original Netflix series, Burn Notice, Dexter, Game of Thrones, Defiance, Falling Skies, Hannibal, Doctor Who, House of Lies, Orphan Black, Through the Wormhole, True Blood, and now Ray Donovan.  If there's a storm coming, I'm on broadcast TV faster than a speeding bullet.  I don't mess around with twisters...

Any more questions?  Post a COMMENT!  Thanks!


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