Ladies and Gentlemen, this blog is once again OPEN FOR BUSINESS!!!

It's been about four years since my last post, and I'm not quite sure why I'm starting things up again.  I think the likely answer is the sheer volume of my tech "rants" over on Google+.  I think  I need a home for them as they are just piling up over there in quite a disorganized fashion.  Also, with the exception of the good people over at TorrentFreak, there really are not a lot of online informational sources for underground tech, P2P, and the like.  I personally find myself weeding through a lot of web forums, rather than nicely curated blogs.  Also, I figured that since I have like 3,500 circlers on G+, maybe I will actually get some readers!

So, what can you expect from my random rants and raves?  Well, I think all previous posts from this blog are preserved (and boy was I wrong about some stuff. More on that later), so take a peek if you dare.  I warn you, though, that stuff is ancient history.  But, it might be fun for a laugh, and it will give you an idea of what I will be talking about.  Unlike previous posts, I won't be discussing any specific products or hardware.  A very close reading of my company's conflict of interest policy gives me the chills, and I would very much like to remain gainfully employed.  I will be sticking to services, software, apps, and general technology.  I will also be posting any news articles relevant to the blog's focus areas, especially as they relate to piracy, security, privacy, and copyright.  I hope to crank out a couple posts a week, but we will see what I'm capable of.  All I ask of you, dear reader, is COMMENTS!!!  Good, bad, critical or indifferent, I would LOVE to hear from you.

If you ever read this blog at any point years ago (which would be weird as the chances are astronomical given it's obscurity), you may be asking yourself, what's changed?  Excellent question!  First of all, I have a dedicated custom URL now!  No more blogspot nonsense, even though the old address should properly redirect.  I also changed some colors and formatting, so it actually looks somewhat 2013.  What I cannot change are my awful predictions.  Take a peek at the previous posts on the right, if you really want to read about them.  Tonido is still around, but still obscure.  Napster has been sold so many times, I don't even know who owns it now.  Twitter clearly rules the world, even though I thought it was completely ridiculous.  I still sort of think that.  And Last.fm got bought by CBS and has languished in relative obscurity.  I did have a few good predictions, though.   Boxee was such a hit that Samsung just bought them for like $30mil!  Netflix is king of all streaming, just like I said they would be.  And smartphones have indeed helped our work/life balance!  Um, wait a sec...

Anyway, the blog is back. I hope you all enjoy, and remember to COMMENT!!!  Oh yeah, and +1 me and circle me and stuff too.


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