The right idea...

Fairtilizer is a site I recently stumbled upon. Apparently, their goal is to unite artists with listeners, given the new internet landscape. It seems interesting, but apparently I need an invite... Hmmm...

What is Fairtilizer?

Fairtilizer is an online community for people who care about music.

Our community combined with our unique tech tools defines a new generation of music media. A kind of media at the crossroads of music recommendation, music distribution and music services for labels and artists. Traditional music media (tv, radio, print) are losing credibility. Young people are now discovering new music through mp3 blogs, p2p and word of mouth.

No matter how many ways people have to find new music these days, what they really need is a trusted filter.

No matter how many ways artists and labels have to promote new material, what they really need is a DIY amplifier. And because we believe the album format is dead, our platform is track-centric.

We’re currently in early development and working hard to bring you all the tools you’ve been dreaming of. We’d love you to help us strengthen our community of tastemakers.

As we’re carefully building a community favoring quality music, registration is currently possible through invitations only.


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