A Flock of what?

So, I'm experimenting with different web browsers these days.  Not that I'm unhappy with my default Firefox 3.  On the contrary, Firefox 3 is the BEST I've ever used (despite the occasional crashiness on Flash 10 sites).  No, the decision to experiment came when I saw an article on alternative browsers and how they have matured.   Opera, Epiphany, and the like.  Ho hum.  But then I saw Flock, the browser expressly designed for social networking.  Hmmm, as my life has recently become CONSUMED with the social network sites, I figured this must be a "good thing", so I decided to give it a spin.  And it's based on Firefox, so how bad could it be?

In fact, I'm blogging from within it right now.  And I have sidebars with Facebook, Picasa, and GMail updates.  It takes a little getting used to as the UI is quite a departure from Firefox, but it certainly enhances the "immediate gratification" effect.  It converts a "pull system", whereby I go to a website like Facebook and seek updates on what my friends are doing, to a "push" system that displays updates from those sites immediately after opening my browser.  Many would call this information overload, but we'll see.  I'll spend a week using it, and then report back.

Hmmm, the spellcheck doesn't seem to work properly.  That could be a problem in light of my tendancy to blog while intoxicated.  Apologies in advance if the above text is a bit...... mangled.  :-)
Blogged with the Flock Browser


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