Where we're headed...

My company is launching an entirely new business venture, and one of the test markets just happens to be.... you guessed it. Hotlanta! And I just found out that I get to be on the team!!! It worked out really well, as my wife just accepted a post-doctoral fellowship to the CDC. So, we've both got brand new adventures ahead of us! Cool, hey? (Ugh, I still sound like a Cheesehead. I wonder what I will sound like after a year in the ATL?)

Here's where we're going, courtesy of Google Maps.

Click on the image to blow it up. Have I fessed up to being a Google-groupie??? Man, Google apps are like crack. You can't stop using them! Maps, Calendar, Email, Blogger, Documents, etc. And they've got a mobile version of EVERYTHING! And they support open source and linux. And they are launching an open cell phone O/S in the very near future. Wait, was this blog about me and Atlanta or Google? I forget. In any case, I'll be in the ATL in t-minus 30 days. In honor of Hotlanta, I present this fine Outkast video, Bombs over Baghdad:

Hmmm, I suppose a disclaimer is in order. Although I fully believe that Outkast is the greatest hip-hop group ever, and B.O.B. is one of their best tracks, this video ultimately disappoints. I'm not sure how hot chicks in maple-leaf pasties dancing on poles is relevant to the lyrics. Not that I have an issue with hot chicks, maple-leaves, pasties, or pole-dancing. It's just that I expected something a little more..... substantive. Ah, maybe it's an Atlanta thing...


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