On to warmer climes

Well Cheeseheads, it's been real. Yeah, REAL COLD!!! (At least from November to May, that is, 'cause right now it's 90 degrees outside and I'm roasting like a pig on a spit.) I'm headed south to....... the South. Yeah, as a sidenote, I'm re-thinking this whole "anonymity" thing. I was paranoid about my employers finding out about my blog and raining wrath down upon me, but then I found out that they really embrace the whole social networking thing, as long as I don't really talk about them. So, I guess I really don't care anymore. I don't even use uncensored expletives in my blog, so I don't think I have much to worry about.

But, I waaaaay digress. Circumstances have changed in a really good way, and the wife and I are departing Milwaukee in the near future, bound for the ever-growing Atlanta megalopolis. Hmmmm, cheap property, more money, good public transportation, mild winters, and I get to live in a big city again. Not a tough decision, right? Actually it really was a difficult decision. We'll be hundreds of miles from our best friends Richmond, Wxman, and their wonderful kids, which will seriously suck. But our hand has been dealt and we've gotta play our cards. See ya, Wisconsin. You were a cold, bitter b*tch half of the time, but I really liked you the rest of the time. Peace out.

Needless to say, my blog updates will be pretty irregular for the next 90 days or so. But who knows? I have a laptop, and an aircard, and a new smartphone. I don't seriously think I have any excuses for not updating the blog, so keep watching this space. ATL, here we come!!!


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