ABC is showing it's true (Apple) colors

"No, I don't have television." That's when I get the really weird looks. The response is usually, "Seriously? How can you not have a TV?" Well of course I have a TV (a 42" LCD, to be exact), but I don't get television. No cable, satellite or rabbit ears. My LCD is hooked up to a home theater PC. And my TV content comes from various sources, including bittorrent, usenet, and increasingly from a website called Hulu. You name it, Hulu has got it. My favorite TV shows are mostly available on-demand, with minimal enough commercial interruption as to still be watchable. I said mostly.

ABC doesn't seem to want to join the party. If you want to watch Lost or Pushing Daisies (the only good shows on ABC), you'll find a Hulu link pointing to ABC's own site. And while Hulu shows are watcheable on all versions of Windows, Mac and Linux computers, ABC's TV viewer ONLY works on Windows XP or Vista PC's. What's worse is that the user interface SUCKS! On Hulu, I click and go. On ABC, I click, wait, search, click again, wait, get locked into a commercial that doesn't seem to continue on to the show, close the windows, click again, and then finally watch my program. Yes, video quality is good. And the commercials are way more interesting than the ones on Hulu. But I'm not sure it's worth the hassle. Reminds me of how Apple ties the iPhone and iPod exclusively to it's iTunes music store. Hmmmm, there's another way ABC and Apple are similar? Let me think. Don't tell me. Oh that's right! ABC is owned by Disney, and Steve Jobs sits on Disney's Board of Directors! If it wasn't for Pixar movies, I would call Steve Jobs a witch and recommend burning him.


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