But, I'm the decider...

Maybe in the past, but I hope not on this issue, as the president seems to seriously lack the political will to get his done. Biofuels are the path to the future. Read on, if you dare...

I'm not much of an environmentalist. That's just the truth. It's a combination of laziness and tuning out the alarmists. I just don't agree with Greens who would have us riding bicycles to work, living in a huts, and recycling our piss. Sometimes this makes life at home interesting as my wife is a consummate Green. But, she falls on the practical side, rather than with the alarmists. And in honor of her, I present this Cnet article on biomass fuels. I will agree that our dependence on oil is ultimately untenable. What I didn't know is that alternatives are cheap, easy and within our grasp. Seriously. No, seriously.

Okay, let's get real. I didn't know that biomass stuff until today. And it doesn't apply to cars, which is the real issue, right? So, on to the next option. Hybrids are stupid expensive and .............. small. I am NOT a fan. Until they make a V6 3.5 liter 250 horsepower Nissan Altima hybrid, I call bullsh*t. But, this will make you stop and scratch your head. Did you know that biodiesel can be used in a REGULAR DIESEL ENGINE without modification?! And do you know what biodiesel is? Wesson flippin cooking oil without the glycerin or alcohol. Thanks to farm subsidies, do you know how much corn rots across this country? TONS OF IT!!! So, I can use rotting Iowan corn oil to power an unmodified diesel engine, so I don't have to negotiate with crazy Hugo Chavez. Hmmmm. Decisions, decisions...

I'm calling it right now. Truckers are ALREADY behind this initiative. Biofuels are going to crush hybrids and take the crown back from unleaded. Farmers are happy. Truckers are happy. Greens are happy. You're sh*tting me, right?


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