Help save internet radio!!!

The internet is one of the PUREST forms of capitalism. Lots of competition, low barriers to entry in the marketplace, and almost zero regulation. By god, you can buy stuff and not pay SALES TAX! But the free market is a harsh mistress. Fail to innovate or give customers what they want, and you will be punished. And that's the way it should be. Unless you're a traditional marketplace monopoly with a billion-dollar political lobby. Enter the RIAA and old-school music industry. They failed to innovate, and failed to give customers what they wanted. Thus, they began to collapse. In it's wake, music download services have flourished. And even now, the iTunes of the world are becoming passe for the early adopter. Streaming internet radio featuring a wide range of artists and musical tastes has spread like wildfire. However, with it's last gasp, Big Radio has muscled a *Republican* administration into regulating the CRAP out of internet radio. Literally. Not only is this philosophically un-conservative, but this lobby is usually in the pocket of the Democrats! My Libertarian streak prevents me from identifying as a Republican, but this party has CHANGED.

Anyway, mosey on over to Save Internet Radio, and take a few minutes to preserve our free market.


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