The real scoop on piracy?

Nice write-up over at TorrentFreak about a piracy documentary done by a Canadian. The actual documentary DVD is freely downloadable, so give it a watch and let me know what you think.

I've got some very strong opinions on this topic, if I can rant for a minute. I LOVE movies. No, really. I LOVE them. I watch at least three a week. Sometimes more. But I RARELY go to the theater anymore. Why? Because after I drive all the way the freak to the theater, pay $16 for my wife and I just to walk in the doors, pay $10 more for dry popcorn and over-sweet sodas, sit my ass in the uncomfortable seats, and start watching the tiny (this is the midwest, and I'm from L.A.) screen all while telling the moronic teenagers in front of us to "shut the f*ck up, I'm trying to watch the movie! This is NOT your flippin' living room!", I realize that the studios have not jerked me hard enough yet. Why? Because as the lights go down and the screen starts, a F*CKING PEPSI COMMERCIAL COMES ON! Wait a motherf*cking minute here! I PAID to see a MOVIE not a bunch of stupid commercials. Yes, I said STUPID commercials. At least we could get some clever superbowl-type spots, right? Naw, just an inane 60 seconds of nonsense about a giant Pepsi........ball rolling around the city with some stupid guy on top of it. YES! Can you believe this? Five minutes later (after MORE commercials) the TRAILERS begin. And the studios claim that piracy is killing them?! RIIIIIIGHT. High prices, sh*tty theaters, and 20 minutes of nonsense BEFORE the actual movie starts is killing the movie industry. Spending 200 million on making Superman fly when he flew just fine 20 years ago for a quarter of the price is killing the movie industry.

That said, the new David Fincher flick, Zodiac, is the bomb. You've got to be into serial killers and mysteries to enjoy it as it's really a stylized-documentary. VERY true to the actual events, but still giving you a true taste of 70's California. Very niche, so be careful unless you know what you're doing. The flick is 3 hours long.

But, I digress...

The movie industry is bigger and more bloated than ever, movie theaters are charging consumers more than ever, more crappy movies are being produced every year than at any time in movie history, and...........wait for it.........the industry's bottom lines are contracting! Profits are getting smaller! And the movie industry is blaming a few geeks with computers for crippling them? They need to wake up and figure out that people are tired of their reindeer games, and what we really want is to watch the latest Will Smith flick on our 60" Pioneer Elite plasma HD with the Bose 321 Lifestyle surround-sound in the comfort of our OWN MOTHERF*CKING HOME. The sooner they make that happen, the sooner they have a chance of NOT suffering the same fate as the music industry. And they also have to wake up and smell the economy. Movie budgets are ridiculous. Stop paying Brandon Routh $50 million for putting on a pair of tights, and maybe they'll have enough to invest in a content distribution system that will get their product into living rooms. They better figure it out, or Apple will do it for them...

Wow, was that ever a rant...

Here's some youtubes to the documentary, but beware. They are sh*tty quality.

Video 1

Video 2


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